TURTLE SEASON starts May 1 and goes thru October 30.ALL OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON BEACHFRONT CONDOS MUST BE OFF BY 9 PM until 7 AM every day. CLOSE THE VERTICALS OR CURTAINS ON ALL WINDOWS SO THE INSIDE LIGHTS ARE NOT VISIBLE.  No flash photography or flashlights if walking on the beach at night. Code Enforcement does patrol the beach at night so please follow the rules.  Call our office if the blinds do not close all the way or are missing slats so we can get this fixed.  FINES BY THE CITY ARE FROM $1000.00 TO $5000.00 Paid by the tenant.


Most Condos have Parking Fees. We do not collect fees at our office. You will pay this at the condo managers office. We have the fees on our website under each condo. 


60 days for weekly rentals and 90 days for a monthly rental prior to your arrival date.  We Do Not have a COVID policy, but we do offer travel insurance for if you get sick or injured it is wise to have your trip insured. If the state of Florida or our local government shuts down Vacation rentals, then we will refund your money or move the booking to a later date. All the unit owners feel that since travel insurance for illness (which includes COVID) or injury is offered to the guests there is no need for further warranties. We are asking that guests check with their employers, schools, and their local governments about their return to  work, school, home, policy prior to booking as we can no longer hold bookings in units only to cancel because guests cannot quarantine when you return home.