MAY 1 THROUGH OCTOBER 31 ALL OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON BEACHFRONT CONDOS MUST BE OFF BY 9 PM until 7 AM every day. CLOSE THE VERTICALS OR CURTAINS ON ALL WINDOWS SO THE INSIDE LIGHTS ARE NOT VISIBLE.  No flash photography or flashlights if walking on the beach at night. Code Enforcement does patrol the beach at night so please follow the rules.  Call our office if the blinds do not close all the way or are missing slats so we can get this fixed.  FINES BY THE CITY ARE FROM $1000.00 TO $5000.00 Paid by the tenant.

Please check around the Condo or House you have rented when you first arrive and if you notice any broken items, stains on furniture, stains on carpets or other issues you may find please send an e-mail and picture of the items if possible to  The internet information is located on your confirmation paperwork and binder if the unit has one.  Most TV’s have a cable box connected to the tv and they work just like the ones you have back home meaning the cable box and tv must be on together and in most cases the TV must be on a HDMI 1 or 2 for the cable box to work with the TV.

Dishware, glassware, kitchenware and/or utensils have been provided in this room as a guest convenience. These items have been cleaned within this room or unit using ordinary household dishwashing facilities and agents. They have not been sanitized according to Federal and State standards for public food service establishments

Please do not wait after business hours 9am-5pm to call Plumbing and Air Conditioning problems if you knew of the issue during business hours. This doubles the cost to the owner of the unit you are staying in.  If it is before 11PM and the A/C is not working, and you tried to reset it then call 239-394-8686 and wait for the voicemail to give you our emergency numbers.

TRUE Emergencies such as a Fire call 911 or Flooding call our emergency number. Please understand we do the best we can to fix problems after business hours, but we are limited by the 3rd party repair company.  Internet and cable problems are not an emergency but if you send an email to the address given above the staff member monitoring the email can help you.

INTERNET/ WIFI: The internet in the Houses and Condos are typical that you will find in an average home. It is not commercial internet like in a hotel. The speed may vary and sometimes there are outages. If you are going to be on a "working vacation" please make back up plans just in case the internet goes out. Know how to use your phone as a hot spot. If a technician is needed to fix the internet it can take a few days to get fixed. There are no refunds/compensation for the internet being out. 

Every day to include Weekends and Holidays; Between the hours of 10:00 PM (2200 hrs.) and 7:00 AM (0700 hrs.) is quiet hours here on Marco Island
.  NO loud noise to include radios, TV's, loud talking, loud playing in the pool, etc. during this time. If the City of Marco Island Police are called out to the property you are staying, they will confirm if there is a violation by utilizing a sound detection device and if the sound if plainly audible at a minimum of 50 ft from the property line of the source of noise. First offense is a warning unless it's between 11:00 PM (2300 hrs.) and 7:00 AM (0700 hrs.) then this becomes an instant violation; No warning. First violation is a $250.00 ticket to you the tenant by the City of Marco Island and second violation is $500.00 Multiple violations can reach up to $5,000 in fines and carry over to 1 year.  IF YOU CONTINUE TO BE A NUCANCE TO THE NEIGHBORS YOU WILL BE EVICTED FROM THE HOUSE. NO REFUNDS       




Registration fee is $100.00 which comes with one parking pass.

If there’s more than one car, each car pays $100.00.

Most Condos have Parking Fees. We do not collect fees at our office. You will pay this at the condo managers office. We have the fees on our website under each condo. 


Turtle Parking Lot   711 S COLLIER BLVD

MON-THURS · 6AM - 3:59PM · $15

FRI-SUN & HOLIDAYS · 6AM - 3:59PM · $20


South Beach Collier County Parking 930 S Collier Blvd

Monday through Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – Sunset  $10

Tigertail Beach Parking  480 Hernando Dr.

Monday through Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – Sunset  $10